Hi, I’m Patti Rantapaa

Curious about who I am? Let’s keep it short and simple.

I am a master life coach who has been in the coaching industry for over 15 years.
I have been running my own coaching practice, teaching others how to do the same, and working behind the scenes for several well-known coaches and coaching companies.

From head coaching, certifying coaches, creating content and curriculum, developing systems, project management, managing teams, and director of sales, I have worked with some of the best and some of the not-so-great.

I have done A LOT and learned even more; what works, what doesn’t, what can be better, and what sustainable business practices and real self-care look like.

All while raising kids, being a caregiver, loving my dogs, and figuring out my true thriving conditions (and what they aren’t) while running a sustainable business.
Imperfect balance and doing it on my own terms- terms that work for me that are ethical, consensual, and sustainable.

I have a multi-passionate coaching background- pleasure coaching, coaching and supporting women transitioning out of fundamental religions, sales coaching, sales training, and business coaching and consulting- from just starting a business to scaling an existing business while pivoting with the current climate, eliminating self-doubt and fear to create the space to step into what is desired and in alignment with your values.

I am a Master Certified Coach and certified in various tools, assessments, and frameworks. I am a lifelong learner dedicated to expanding my coaching toolbox.