Celina Rosso

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance Portal: This container is a hybrid of channeling guidance from your Spirit Guides, and delivering that intuitive wisdom in the form of a coaching session.

This work is centered around business energetics; we’re taking a look at what is blocking you from fully stepping into the highest vision you have for your work and anchoring that in practical, integrative shifts that actually make sense for you.

We will initially meet for a 60 minute session where we dive into your biggest questions surrounding your business and explore both energetic needs, and tangible business shifts that you can execute on right away.

Because we’re tapping into your Spirit Team which includes your Higher Self, inner child, intuition, subconscious mind, and passed loved ones, there’s a lot of guidance that tends to come through.

That’s why we will follow that session with a week of Voxer service to process and explore further what came up for you and how to take that information and use it as guidance in your day to day business approach.

We’ll end a week later with a final 30 minute session to tap in and see what your guides want you to know to further integrate this work into your life and business, and answer any final questions you have to allow you to step forward with confidence and clear direction forward.

– Celina Rosso