We start Summer 2023

A mastermind experience with results-oriented support from your faves.

The Purpose

It’s easy to get jaded in the online entrepreneur and coaching space. There’s a lot of razzle-dazzle. It’s a saturated market with a lot of promises and pressure to perform “everything is great!” when maybe it isn’t. 

And we’re just going to come right out and say it– the economic forecast has a lot of people really shaky and wondering what will be next for their financial security and business.

And also! This is not the time that you would want to walk away from support. When there are waves, we get better at surfing. And we don’t have to go it alone. 

We can navigate new territory in community, with seasoned support and pivot together.

It Is With all of this in mind that we created

Our price point is purposefully much lower than we’ve seen or “could” charge.

Because our bottom line is about creating a space for business owners to fine-tune their work and evolve with their lives and the times. Over time our pricing structure will likely evolve with the context it’s presented in. But we live in the present reality- with you.

And we’re not aiming to put you in a social media group with people in the same income bracket. That’s not the point. We’re looking to get to really understand your businesses, your current struggles, and support your needs- while also leaving you with plenty of financial room to continue to invest in other services to advance your work. 

You don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket, in fact we can help you shop external support too!

The Structure

  • 3 calls per month for 6 months beginning mid January. 
  • 2 instructional and 1 office hours for 1:1 actionable support.
  • The 4th week will be either “off” or (for those in the higher tiered pricing structure) a 2:1 coaching call.
  • These will be held during the week around the lunch hour for ease in adding to your life.

Topics include: sales, marketing, offer development and evolution, messaging, outreach strategy and lots of strengths assessment type tools to better understand yourself and your business personality. So that you can build structures that support your unique sustainable entrepreneurship plan.

Regular optional bonus calls for skill building and networking. Think: a tech workshop if we find a few members are running into issues with the same program, a workshop on building your own intuition or an end of the week wind down call to shoot the shit.

Voxer support with structured hours for support in-between sessions with your hosts.

More Details

The Size

We would like to keep the group small in order to provide space and attention to every person inside.

The Investment

Option one: 3 calls per month including office hours and additional, optional workshops and get-togethers for 6 months: $4500

Option two: All of the above plus one 2:1 call with your hosts the 4th week of the month. $6500

Immediate Bonus

$500 of your investment will be available for you to use with another service provider in our network to get the “done for you” work you need to propel your work forward. Service choices include: video, photography, brand work, tech, individual sales support, copy and messaging.

Who We Are.

Patti Rantapaa is a veteran in life and business coaching.

With decades of experience training entrepreneurs and companies on how to start and/or scale their businesses. Including: launching new businesses, developing curriculum for programs, creating consensual sales processes and systems, managing and growing teams, and implementing solution-focused strategies- with an emphasis on personal development and mindset.

She is a master certified coach and has been mentored by several well-known mediums to increase her spiritual gifts. She runs a coaching and consulting practice that is equal parts practical skill-building and emotionally rich.

Some of her other experience includes interior design certification with a concentration in psychology, certification in multiple coaching methodologies, Hartman Profile Facilitator, addiction impact resolution, working with women on personal pleasure, and sound healing.

Erin Brown is a veteran in the online business space. 

She was in the first group of people to be called influencers, writing prolifically- mostly in the interest of social change.

She is masterful at engaging and keeping an audience. She is the author of 8 books, owns a small consultancy where she ghostwrites for revolutionary entrepreneurs, and has spoken all over the world.

She began her career in the service industry, spent a decade as a social worker, and since has been writing and skill stacking.

Some of her additional education includes herbalism, channeling, doula work, Reiki, solution focused therapy, trauma support & she recently ended her tenure in public office with the Kansas democratic party.

We talk every day...

about how excited we are to welcome you to the container we’re creating. For structured support in an ever changing landscape.

We believe that owning your work is the kind of revolutionary thinking that will see us through any economic turn.

And we’re honored to have the opportunity to assist in your continued success.

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