Consulting and Contract Services

Sales with Integrity.

I offer sales consulting, training, and contract sales services. I bring decades of experience (with clients you’d recognize and I’d never disclose) to your sales experience for the whole customer journey. 

From introduction to consults to extensive follow-up, I want you confidently connecting with potential clients with ease and consent.

I Believe In Sales With Respect, Integrity, And Consent. No Gimmicks.

I care deeply about equity. If your values exclude fighting for the dignity, rights, and well-being of historically excluded people, please seek service elsewhere.

Please review the menu below and schedule a call to inquire about availability and services.

Sales Training

I understand why people dread sales calls on both ends of the experience and love to shift that narrative. With decades of experience in corporate and small business settings, I train individuals and teams on sales scripts, techniques, and attitudes that are based on consent and relationship building.

Contract Sales

Sales are the lifeline of a thriving business and require strategy, consistency, and a sales mindset. I understand how busy you are and how important it is for your potential clients to have an exceptional sales experience. I offer sales support to busy entrepreneurs. From sales consult calls to extensive follow-up and nurturing, I want you to feel confident that your potential client will have an amazing customer journey through your sales process.

Client Journey

The journey of your potential client is the primary driver of sales. Each touch point is an opportunity to create an environment of consent, of relationship, and trust. Through consulting or done-for-you services, we curate copy, strategy, and timelines to optimize a client journey that is authentic to you and your business.


Many businesses have excellent products and client outcomes but struggle to communicate effectively what they do in a way that stands out to their potential client. Copy isn’t meant to be cookie-cutter or formulaic but rather an accurate representation of your values, services, and results. Through consultation, we create done-for-you copy for use across platforms to land your ideal clients easily.


An ideal service for a company or small business with a team to execute changes. With an extensive concierge menu, we audit the parts of your company you want to grow. Staffing, sales, marketing, social media, web presence, sales strategy, and strengths assessments are among offerings.

Sales Consulting

I offer sales consulting and strategy for your current offers, new offers, and/or services.