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The Sales Intensive.

The Sales Intensive is a two-week series of classes to instill confidence around your sales process. Create a solid sales foundation that will carry you through this and any selling climate.

Sales calls bring up all kinds of feelings for people. Insecurities, anxiety, and uncertainty about the right way to close are just a few. 

Most of my clients get stuck and swirl over objections and making the ask.

You work so hard to get those calls on the books, and I want to ensure that you feel confident conducting them and closing them.

I understand that there is no room for error or lack of confidence in asking for the sale. In this intensive, we will work through all the things that lead to YES so you can confidently hold a sales consult and close in a way that feels good and is consensual.

Does this sound like you?

• You struggle with your sales consults and closing.
• You doubt your offer when objections arise, panic, and cringe.
• Asking for the sale is scary and feels pushy.
• You don’t follow up partially due to the fear of being intrusive.

What if Selling could be different?

How amazing would it be if you were genuinely excited to get on a consult/sales call? Can you imagine feeling confident in your selling ability? How would it feel to genuinely build a relationship with your potential client that is full of possibility?

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to these questions, you’re not alone…

  • Sales are the foundation of your business!
  • Consults/Sales calls are key to making money!
  • Sales are key to growing your business, making money, and getting your offer out into the world!
  • Sales require strategy.
  • Sales are about making money.
  • Sales are about relationship building.
Lean into the excitement, fun, and pleasure of connecting with clients during the sales process.
The sales call is often the first time a client is connecting with you in real life. First impressions matter!
Your energy around selling is going to be felt- let it feel good! Let me show you how to FEEL GOOD selling, to support you in managing your mind around sales, teach you sales strategies that work in the current selling climate, and support your clients in an ethical consensual way– coaching around their personal blocks, so they can confidently say YES to investing in your program and themselves during your consult/sales call process-which includes follow up!

Hi, I'm Patti.

I started in sales 20+ years ago, working across industries applying my consent-based sales strategies to transform countless small businesses and large corporations.

I have spent the last few years navigating the constant sales climate changes and know that shift happens! I am dedicated to supporting my client’s shift and navigating sales regardless of the selling climate.

I would love to support you in building a strong sales foundation that will thrive in any climate.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

The Sales Intensive.

The Sales Intensive is a two-week, six class training course packed full of content, tools, and templates. 

Together we will work through the foundational parts of a sales consult, getting the internal YES, working through objections, ASKING for the sale, closing on the spot, and through follow up- ALL while being supportive, in integrity, and selling consensually! 

Six live classes in a two-week period packed full of content, tools, templates, and support! You worked hard for those consults-Close them with Confidence!

Here are the topics covered during The Sales Intensive:

With a clear direction, you can close confidently sales.


Consult Flow

Together, we will go over the flow of a sales consult- with the current state of things, most offers require a conversation with a human. Currently, in today’s climate, offers over $1500 need extra hand-holding to close- having a consult/sales call supports your client in making their decision. Consults are supportive and effective and build rapport and trust. We will go over the flow that sells!



Objections are not hard when you remove yourself from the equation. We will go over how not to attach your value to objections and instead navigate them to remove people’s real blocks. Spoiler- It’s usually not about the money! And when it is, I’ve got you there too!


The Ask

Confidently ask for the sale. Using my method of getting the internal yes and removing objections ahead of time makes asking for the sale a natural feel-good thing you will be excited about, and so will your potential client! This class is about confidence- in yourself, your offer, and your potential clients!



Having a script is helpful. It allows you to stay on track while navigating the consult. However, no one wants to be read a script. Ewwwhhh that feels so robotic! We will map out your personal script, so you have a good flow and guide while hitting the key points needed to Incorporate all the principles of getting the internal yes.



Stay with me, I know this part can bring up feelings, and it will make all the difference. Putting the pieces together in action and roleplaying. The best way to hone your craft is by practicing and saying it out loud. Breakout rooms I will float in and out of to answer Qs for the first 30 min, the last 30 min we meet together to troubleshoot collectively.


Follow Up

Surprise! Not all consults will close on the call. This is why having a follow-up plan is key. In this class, we will look at what a solid follow-up cadence looks like, what to include, and what not to include. You will be given templates you can use and customize to fit your offer. Following up is so important and supports your potential client in making a decision that feels good regardless of the outcome. It will also make you feel good too!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for anyone that is selling a service through a consult/sales call. Small business owners, coaches, service providers, etc. If you are doing a consult/sales call, this is for YOU!

In the current climate, we have seen a shift in how things are sold. Currently, it is trending that anything over a $1497 price point is closing with a sales call. People want to connect with a human to see if this is a good fit for them before they invest.

Selling does not have to be uncomfortable, scary, or feel gross. I will teach you how to feel good and get excited about connecting with people on your sales calls. They can be fun, supportive, and consensual- I will show you how!

Consensual selling is about building a relationship of trust and honesty with your potential client during the sales process. Being transparent, honest, ethical, and supportive- no matter the outcome.

That is fabulous! This is perfect for you. You will learn tools and techniques and get support as you begin your sales journey!

The climate for selling has been changing rapidly- and there is no slowing down. Learning new techniques and fine-tuning your craft will only create more opportunities!

Still on the fence about it?

Today’s sales climate is ever-changing, and so are the techniques that close.

I know this isn’t what I am supposed to say: Things are slowing down, and people’s businesses are not thriving the way they once were. Applications to work with you may not be coming in as solid as they once were. We are working harder to get consults; when we do, we must be confident conducting them!

So many folks are still preaching a hard sales close with manipulative tactics that aren’t consensual. This doesn’t serve you or your client, leaving you both feeling a way.

I will teach you how to have an amazing, supportive, consensual sales consult/call and sales process that feels good to everyone- AND one that closes! Make money while also supporting your clients in feeling good about their investment and experience with you!

The Collective.

Coming January 16, 2023. A mastermind experience with results-oriented support from your faves.

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